2015 USA Gymnastics Championships Coming Soon!

It doesn’t get any stronger or bouncier, any more graceful or rhythmic, than at the USA Gymnastics Championships. The nation’s top male and female competitors in rhythmic and acro gymnastics are getting ready to take the floor in Greensboro, North Carolina in just less than a month. And you should go.Though not an Olympic event, acro gymnastics is arguably one of the most exciting gymnastics events to watch. Different groupings of men and women (pairs and groups) perform astounding feats of strength, agility, balance, and flexibility. Synchronized tumbling passes and flight elements demonstrate the true team nature of this sport.

Rhythmic gymnastics are performed with different gymnastics apparatus, like the hoop, ball, ribbon, and clubs. Competition is individual and in groups. The flexibility and agility of rhythmic gymnasts never ceases to amaze crowds. The graceful ballet combined with demanding manipulation of one or more apparatus showcases the remarkable and nuanced skill of the athletes.

An Olympic event since 2000, the trampoline probably garners the most “ooh’s” and “aah’s” from the crowd. What child hasn’t dreamed of soaring up 30 feet in the air, twisting and turning, relishing the stampeding butterflies in their stomach? But these gymnasts aren’t just bouncing for fun. The heights the athletes achieve allow them to perform double and even triple maneuvers.

The tumbling component of the trampoline events, often called power tumbling,  highlights the athletes’ tumbling skills on an elevated spring runway, allowing the gymnasts to propel themselves high into the air, often clearing 10 feet. The speed and height achieved in this event encourages multiple twists and flips. And at a national competition like the USA Gymnastics Championships, you can expect to see some explosive routines that will take your breath away.

The double-mini trampoline competition begins with speed, pauses for vaulted twists and flips and ends (hopefully) with a solid landing. Gymnasts approach at top speed, are launched by the first trampoline, perform multiple maneuvers in mid-air, bounce again on the second trampoline for even greater altitude, and complete more complicated maneuvers before landing. A super high-speed event, it’s not one to miss. But don’t blink or you might!

If you’re looking for a great event to make you appreciate the grace, power, and agility of the human body, you’ll get your tickets right now for the 2015 USA Gymnastics Championships!