Shopping for a Gymnastics Program

When it comes to helping your kids make healthy lifestyle choices, steering them in the direction of gymnastics is a win-win. And frankly, you don’t have to do much steering. Kids are naturally active; the sedentary lifestyle is a learned one. They scoot, scamper, run, skip, swing, wrestle, and when the bed is especially bouncy, they fly. It’s easy to make the transition from play to organized tumbling or gymnastics. The kids are already doing it. Continue reading Shopping for a Gymnastics Program

Active Gifts

It’s tough sometimes during the end of the year to express love to our friends and family with material gifts as the season dictates. Often getting a child something from their wish list means giving them something that will end up under the bed in a week or, worse, consuming their attention by digitally entertaining their brains. But gifts that communicate your love as well as your values are always the best way to go, and in this post, you’re going to learn about a really great gift idea. Continue reading Active Gifts