Marisa Dick’s Got the Move

You may remember the “Fosbury Flop” from the 1968 Olympics. Dick Fosbury, experimenting with new, thicker landing crash pads, developed a unique method of clearing the high jump bar, encouraging athletes who followed him to try new techniques as well. Gymnastics has a new point-scoring move today as well, thanks to Marisa Dick. Continue reading Marisa Dick’s Got the Move

Gymnastics Equipment at Home

Keeping young children interested in tumbling or gymnastics isn’t difficult. It’s what they love to do anyway: roll, climb, balance, and jump. Doing it safely at home is another issue. In class, they have trained supervisors to make sure they’re safe and execute the skills properly. But at home, when they’re just playing, it’s hard to make sure they’re practicing what they’ve learned safely. But with some affordable equipment, you can actually extend their practice time at home and be confident they’re going to be safe using it. Continue reading Gymnastics Equipment at Home

Encouraging a Son in Gymnastics

Most Americans can name a famous gymnast, but 99% will likely name a female gymnast. It’s affirming that women do so well in a particular sport that they are the first athletes who come to mind when asked about it. That’s an entire article right there, but what it means for young boys interested in gymnastics is a very challenging prospect. Continue reading Encouraging a Son in Gymnastics