Follow the Kid’s Lead

Do you look enviously at all the kids in your child’s gymnastics class and wish you had their energy and flexibility? Maybe you just wish you had the freedom to roll and tumble and swing and dance like a child. It’s never too late – even adults can benefit from gymnastics components incorporated into their workout routines. Continue reading Follow the Kid’s Lead

Get Back On (or over) the Horse

This young gymnastics student tried four times to vault over a pommel horse. In front of his classmates, an audience full of parents and teachers, the poor little guy was in tears after his fourth failed attempt. But gymnasts never leave their teammates alone in a struggle, and these young classmates rallied around their friend before his fifth attempt. It worked. He cleared the horse to his own relief and the applause of the whole room. Encouraging coaches, self-less teammates, and a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence; that’s a 10 in any routine rule book.

Gymnastics and ASD

Many families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are finding that gymnastics can offer a new type of therapy, one that engages the body and mind in ways traditional therapy lacks. Gymnastics teaches many skills that traditional ASD therapy teaches, but offers an encouraging social component as well. Continue reading Gymnastics and ASD