Gymnastics Safety at Home

Does it totally freak you out when your son or daughter comes home from gymnastics practice and wants to show you all the things they learned…without a spotter or at least a tumbling mat to protect them? Alleviate your fear by providing some equipment at home that will encourage them to continue their practice, but in safety (and without you with your finger on the 911 button). Continue reading Gymnastics Safety at Home

A Gift No One Ever Thinks Of

With all the toys and electronic entertainment devices out there, you could take the easy way out this holiday sesason…OR you could give a gift no one would ever think to give: a tumbling barrel. What in the world is that? Well, that’s kinda the point. They’re pretty obscure in the gymnastics world, but are fantastic trainers and are just plain fun. Continue reading A Gift No One Ever Thinks Of

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Gymnastics Equipment?

To the parent of a budding gymnast, the amount of equipment like cheese mats, tumbling mats, crash mats, and more that your little one may ask about acquiring for the house might seem a little absurd. How much of this do you really need, you might ask. Can you get away with just some, and not all? Honestly, you might, but you might meet some resistance when you posit the idea. I recently encountered a twelve year-old girl who willingly gave up two of the most adorable guinea pigs I have ever seen due to the fact that she was spending so much time practicing gymnastics that she didn’t have time to take care of them. Gymnastics has a tendency to inspire an unusual level of passion in even its youngest practitioners, and it’s the sort of thing you’ll want to encourage. Continue reading Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Gymnastics Equipment?