Everybody Gets Tumbling Mats!

Gymnastics can be a fantastic tool in your parenting tool kit. How so? Kids, especially in their early years, are prone to imitate their parents’ behavior (for better or worse). If you start 2017 off by bringing some tumbling mats into your house, you’re telling your child that an active lifestyle is something you value. Think of it as teaching self-care. Too often parents forego self-care in order to care for their children and others, and make no mistake, your kids are watching. And learning.  Continue reading Everybody Gets Tumbling Mats!

Keeping Ahead of the Holiday Curve

It’s a little-known fact that everyone is doing gymnastics during the holidays. Maybe not the fun kind with leotards and wedge mats and balance beams, but the mental gymnastics, where we justify eating more pie and drinking more egg nog than any human could possibly ever need. Eventually, we hit that threshold where the process of excusing our decadence is a source of more consternation than the pleasures of consuming an entire gingerbread house in one sitting can offset. At that point, there’s this moment of existential dread, grappling with the cruel injustice of a universe which provides us with so much good holiday food, but not a body that can reasonably be expected to consume it all. Continue reading Keeping Ahead of the Holiday Curve

Do Balance Beams Scare You?

Does the thought of your child on a balance beam scare the ever-lovin’ crap out of you? If you’re thinking of the competition-style beams, you may have reason, but if you take a look at some practice balance beams that your young gymnast could use at home safely and under your supervision, you will begin to feel more confident as he or she progresses to the real thing. Continue reading Do Balance Beams Scare You?

Dear Santa,

Mom and Dad say I can’t have electronics for Christmas because I spend too much time sitting still, so I would like a tumbling mat instead. I take a gymnastics class at the gym and it’s a lot of fun, but when I get home there’s no where to show off what I’ve learned. I tried it on the kitchen floor and Dad nearly had a heart attack, so I figure if they’re that worried about me, a tumbling mat would be a good gift for me and my parents.

Continue reading Dear Santa,

Tumbling Mats, Tumbling Mats, Tumbling All the Way

‘Tis the season, and what better gift to give your favorite young gymnast than his very own tumbling mat for practice at home. Once the wrapping is off, the fun begins. And fortunately, a tumbling mat isn’t one of those gifts that’s going to end up on the floor of the closet in a week. This is a gift that will be a constant source of challenge, imaginative play, and years down the road, a place to master skills. Continue reading Tumbling Mats, Tumbling Mats, Tumbling All the Way