ADHD or Just a Kid?

I work in a health food grocery store and am shocked at how many parents come in looking for a “natural” pill to help their kids with ADHD. I usually just direct them to the organic produce section of the store and encourage them to begin with a healthier diet, devoid of artificial colors, processed ingredients, etc. As a teacher for many years, I’ve seen kids “diagnosed” with disorders and as I watch them in class or at play, it occurs to me that they might just be really active, which is not something that needs medication. My solution was two-fold: encourage the parents to stop sending garbage food to class with their kids, and to encourage their kids to be active. One of the healthiest activities I could recommend was gymnastics, especially when the child is allowed to continue it at home after practice at the gym. Continue reading ADHD or Just a Kid?

Gymnastics in the News

Sadly, in terms of national news, there is nothing happy to report from the gymnastics world. Many local and college teams are doing great things, but the reality is that abuse scandal is still the headline for gymnastics in most search engines. As scandals, finger-pointing, and fear seem to be taking hold in so many aspects of our culture, let’s focus on something positive right now. Continue reading Gymnastics in the News