A Parent’s Greatest Tool

Helping your child prevent chronic diseases that could plague them as adults is tough, especially in a sedentary, fast-food culture, but with some gymnastics equipment at home, you encourage an active lifestyle and the love of a sport that is sure to help keep the little ones happy and healthy. And that’s what parenting is all about, right? Continue reading A Parent’s Greatest Tool

Resources from the Gymnastics Studio

How do you know what kind of tumbling mat to get for your child or grandchild? Should you purchase an incline mat? Would a practice balance beam be a good idea at home? Well, yes, yes, and yes, but how do you know which ones on the market are going to be the best for your child? The best answer is to go check with the expert: your child’s gymnastics coach.  Continue reading Resources from the Gymnastics Studio

The Best Gymnastics Kit for Your Kid

Three things every young gymnast needs: a tumbling mat, a practice balance beam, and an incline mat. Of course, when formal training becomes involved, those three things might become a coach, a class, and reliable transportation, but for now, in the early stages, having some apparatus at home on which to practice can be the impetus that drives a lifetime of healthful activity. Continue reading The Best Gymnastics Kit for Your Kid

Whine and Cheese Mats

When your kids are whining that “there’s nothing to do” and you’ve had about enough, it’s time to introduce the cheese mat. No, it’s not a spread of Gruyère and crackers, it’s a gymnastics apparatus that fits well into a home space and provides hours of active fun for the kiddos. In fact, it may just be the ticket to a lifetime of healthful activity and future sports interests. Continue reading Whine and Cheese Mats