Warm and Safe on a Tumbling Mat

It’s the kind of weather that makes things stick together that, well, shouldn’t stick together, so how are tumbling mats any kind of solution? When the kids go outside to play in these Arctic temperatures and are right back inside with icicles for eyelashes, it’s time to haul out the tumbling mat. Giving your kids a safe, comfortable, even inviting place to play indoors might not win you any national awards, but it will give you a little comfort knowing your kids are still playing actively even if they can’t be outside. Continue reading Warm and Safe on a Tumbling Mat

The Safety Post

It’s time for the spiel about gymnastics safety again – before, during and after your child’s time on the tumbling mats. Daily, the news cycle contains stories about gymnasts who thought they were safe, in trusted hands, who became victims of abuse and coverups. Every parent’s nightmare. It’s our job as parents to make sure our kids are safe, and there are a million little things we have to keep our eyes on to ensure that safety. Continue reading The Safety Post