A Parent’s Greatest Tool

Helping your child prevent chronic diseases that could plague them as adults is tough, especially in a sedentary, fast-food culture, but with some gymnastics equipment at home, you encourage an active lifestyle and the love of a sport that is sure to help keep the little ones happy and healthy. And that’s what parenting is all about, right?

A sturdy, adaptable tumbling mat may just be the first tool you whip out of your parenting tool box to help direct your kids toward a life of playful, fun activity.  yAnd as science will tell you, keeping them active is the key to preventing childhood obesity, which will inevitably lead to chronic health problems as adults. What greater gift could you give your child than the prospect of a healthy adulthood? Of course, there are no guarantees, but teaching and demonstrating the benefits of an active lifestyle are probably your best defense as a parent. If the kids grow up loving activity, especially gymnastics, their time on the tumbling mat will be some of the happiest times of their childhood.

Think about what the really little ones would do on a tumbling mat: wrestle, have a tickle-fest, play ninja vs superhero – all fantastically active pursuits that keep them moving. Of course, tumbling mats are also soft enough that they work well for naps and sleepovers, too, but I digress! For the youngest users of the tumbling mats, the mats themselves are just a surface on which to play, and playtime is the key time to slip that parenting skill into action. While they play, the kids aren’t even aware that they’re being nurtured in the direction of a healthy adulthood, but you know darn well what you’re doing.

Tumbling mats are adaptive in that the same mat the 4 year-old plays on is the one on which the 10 year-old can practice the skills he learns at the gymnastics gym. Extending that practice time at home means a couple things. One, he’s going to master those skills faster because he has more time to practice safely. Two, he’s going to be active at home when he could be propped on a couch with a screen. There go your sneaky parenting skills again – he’s being nurtured down the path of a healthy love of gymnastics and an active lifestyle. You’re so good at this!

It may seem as though the deck is stacked against successful parenting, but tumbling mats are your ace up the sleeve. Play your cards right, and your kids will develop of healthy love of gymnastics (and maybe, just maybe, an eventual appreciation for all you’ve done for them).