An Activity for Life

Getting your kids interested in tumbling or gymnastics is as simple as giving them a tumbling mat to play on when they’re very young. When they begin to play on a tumbling mat, they’re becoming accustomed to the surface of the tumbling mat and how it responds to their activity. When you enroll the little guys in their first tumbling class, they’ll recognize the apparatus and know exactly what’s expected. How easy was that?

While kids might not think they know how to “use” a tumbling mat, they sure as heck know how to play, and that’s all they have to do to begin using a piece of equipment that can launch them into a love of tumbling and gymnastics. As they play, they begin to learn how the mat will protect them, cushioning their falls and slips so they can get right back up and continue playing. They might not realize it, but they’re learning to trust their bodies and the tumbling mat to do what they’re supposed to do.

Now that they’re used to the tumbling mat, it’s time for their first tumbling class. Imagine their delight when they walk into the first class and recognize the tumbling mats! They’ll take to the activities in the class like a fish to water because they don’t have to spend time acclimating themselves to the environment. Their progress might just be accelerated, too, because their comfort level is already at maximum. And all because you got them a tumbling mat to play on when they were younger.

Don’t worry that the tumbling mat will take over your house – it’s a good size, in fact, it comes in a few sizes – because it can fold up and be tucked away inconspicuously when it’s not in use. But who are we kidding? It’s going to be in use more often than not! The point is that it doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture unless you want it to be. So if you just want a safe space for the kids to play, maybe in their bedrooms or the family room, you can unfold it for awhile and then put it away again, returning the space to its original use.

A tumbling mat is a gift you can give your kids that won’t be in a dark corner of the closet in a matter of days. It’s a gift that starts them on the path to an active lifestyle – a gift that gives for years.