The Coverage They Deserve

At which Olympic trial event would you expect to find makeup demonstrations and nail art? Ridiculous question? Sure is, but the fact is, you’ll find exactly that at the Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials in San Jose this week. No wonder gymnasts are disgusted by the coverage their event receives. Continue reading The Coverage They Deserve

Simone Wows Us Once Again


What an unbelievable role model for young gymnasts everywhere! Simone Biles walked away from the Pacific Rim Championships with Best All-Around and this performance shows why. This kind of strength, grace, and pure athleticism are why we encourage our kids to pursue a gymnastics lifestyle. Way to go, Simone!


Gabby the Role Model

It seems so much longer ago than only three years that Gabrielle Douglas won the hearts of every little girl who’s ever tried a cartwheel. To every youngster’s chagrin, she took some time off, graduated from high school, and then, this past week in Scotland, she returned to claim gold and the hearts of the even more young people.

What makes Gabby and second-place finisher and friend, Simone Biles, such engaging role models? There have been scores of outstanding female gymnasts and athletes who have certainly achieved greatness, even mastery in their sports. There have been charismatic, engaging young women, girls even, whom it was easy to like, but there hasn’t been anyone quite like Gabby. Young, athletically gifted, motivated, charming – the whole package.

She added to that package at World’s last week and now has a whopping 10 gold medals to her name, and the most world championship medals ever earned by a woman. At only 18 years old, Gabby is going into Rio with a resume no one can touch. Has it gone to her head? Apparently not. While that head on her shoulders is on straight, it’s not too big. She loves the sport, but isn’t all about the sport. She enjoys the games, but treats them as games, something to enjoy, not something to stress about to give up a childhood for. And that’s what makes her such an outstanding role model.

Kids hear too many sports figures and other could-be role models talking about “giving it all” and fighting to the end” and crushing their opponents. Gabby takes a different approach. Work hard and enjoy the competitions when they happen. End of story. No teen angst here. No sacrificed childhood or regimented life. That’s what’s appealing about her. She’s real. Kids can truly see her, not her public persona – because she doesn’t have one. She’s that rare breed in the public eye: kind and sincere.

Gabby has the confidence vote of every young gymnast out there as she preps for Rio. And she deserves it.

Who Loses with the Two Person Rule?

Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas led the US Women’s Gymnastics team to a resounding lead in qualifying for the team finals of the World Gymnastics championships this past weekend. With leadership and performances like theirs, it’s easy to see why the US women are so dominant in the sport. Continue reading Who Loses with the Two Person Rule?

US Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Qualifies for Olympics

For only the second time in history, the US Women’s rhythmic gymnastics team qualified the country for the Olympic Games. Team USA secured the spot in the Games at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships this week in Stuttgart, Germany.  Continue reading US Women’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Qualifies for Olympics

2015 USA Gymnastics Championships Coming Soon!

It doesn’t get any stronger or bouncier, any more graceful or rhythmic, than at the USA Gymnastics Championships. The nation’s top male and female competitors in rhythmic and acro gymnastics are getting ready to take the floor in Greensboro, North Carolina in just less than a month. And you should go. Continue reading 2015 USA Gymnastics Championships Coming Soon!