Choosing the Right Gymnastics Equipment for Skill Level and Growth

Purchasing gymnastics equipment shouldn’t be like buying clothes or toys for your kids, knowing that they’ll outgrow them in a year or less. The good news is that you can get top-quality gymnastics equipment that will match their skill level now and will be able to grow with them as they get bigger and as their skill levels change.

Your toddler will probably be satisfied (thrilled) with a set of tumbling mats. The good news is, that while even the smallest tumbling mat is the right size for the kiddo now, another can be attached to it later when that little child is a little older, taking a gymnastics class, and needing more room. This doesn’t mean you have to convert half your home into a practice studio, though, because good tumbling mats fold up and are easy to store.

Balance beams (Gasp! Are you crazy?!) are actually really great skill builders in the home. No, not crazy – the ones we’re talking about are low to the ground, some even sit directly on the ground, are padded, and provide plenty of area for feet to feel comfortable and balanced. Having a beam at home not only helps tumblers and gymnasts work on skills, but helps children in general learn to master control of their bodies. And since you don’t have to worry about them falling from the height of a competition beam, you’ll feel great about providing them with this apparatus that can handle the brand new tumbler’s needs as well as those of a more advanced gymnast.

One of the really fun pieces of gymnastics equipment you can bring home is the incline mat, or cheese mat. It’s shaped just like a wedge of cheese (hence the name) and is loads of fun for little tumblers to just play on. As motor control and gymnastics skill level increases, the mat is versatile enough to evolve from a toy to a trainer. Forward rolls, bridges, even back handsprings are aided by the use of an incline mat.

Good gymnastics equipment should grow with your child’s needs. It’s something you won’t have to replace every six months, and something you can rely on for skill building for years and years.