Everybody Gets Tumbling Mats!

Gymnastics can be a fantastic tool in your parenting tool kit. How so? Kids, especially in their early years, are prone to imitate their parents’ behavior (for better or worse). If you start 2017 off by bringing some tumbling mats into your house, you’re telling your child that an active lifestyle is something you value. Think of it as teaching self-care. Too often parents forego self-care in order to care for their children and others, and make no mistake, your kids are watching. And learning. 

A fun way to communicate the importance of physical activity is to encourage your child’s play at home with tumbling mats. Get down on the floor with them so they know it’s something they can do into adulthood. Play on the mats with them. Do somersaults with them. Lose your balance and fall so they can see that it’s possible to get up again and keep going. Try something hard and fail so they learn that failure isn’t the end. Tumbling mats are an incredible tool for parents who want their kids to learn that activity, failure, and goal-setting are important in a child’s life as well as an adult’s.

Instead of being the parent who yells at the Little League coach about his coaching calls, be the parent who models the fun, non-competitive aspect of sports by incorporating gymnastics (and the accompanying tumbling mats) into the child’s life at a very young age. Their gross motor skills will improve, their love of gymnastics will grow, and someday they may choose to join a competitive team. But for now, just offer them a fun space at home to tumble and play. Sure, you can teach them some simple gymnastics skills at home, but if you make it an activity that’s focused on fun rather than learning, they’ll learn anyway and they’ll never know it!

Lest you think tumbling mats are just for the kiddos, remember how hard the floor is when you do sit-ups, pilates, and other floor work in your own workout routine. Now imagine doing them on the soft, supportive tumbling mats. You’ll very likely be able to extend the duration and intensity of your workout because you’re more comfortable. Get fit faster with your kids’ tumbling mats! Really, tumbling mats are for the whole family. Make the investment and you’ll never regret it.