Giving the Gift of an Active Lifestyle

Being the forward-thinking parent you are, you’re considering holiday gifts for your kids already, and you’ve considered some kind of gymnastics equipment for your little gymnasts. Good for you. Giving kids a gift that promotes activity, creativity, and skill progression is probably the smartest decision you ever made.

While a little hand-held electronic device may be the most popular holiday gift, a good-sized tumbling mat is going to outlast, outperform, and hold your child’s interest long after the entertainment screen becomes obsolete. The tumbling mat can be host to so many different activities. Kids can continue to practice the skills they learn at the gym right at home under your watchful eye. They can have safer playtime on the tumbling mat’s padded surface. Tumbling mats can even make nap time a little more tolerable and they’re great for sleepovers.

For a truly unique and challenging gift, you’ll be considering an incline mat, that cheese wedge-shaped apparatus that will have the kids rolling and tumbling for hours. Incline mats, like tumbling mats, just beg to be used constantly. What child can resist an incline? Climbing up, rolling down, or actually learning skills like forward rolls or back handsprings, the incline mat is the perfect device for learning through play.

And if you’ve ever watched your child try to balance while she’s walking on a curb, you know a practice balance beam for the home is going to be a huge hit. Practice balance beams sit flat on the ground, have a soft yet supportive core, and give the kids a taste of what a real beam would be like. They can practice beam skills in the safest of circumstances and you won’t have to worry about them plummeting to the ground and breaking some really important bones. Practice balance beams can fold up and be put away when they’re not being used, so your living room or the kids’ bedroom doesn’t have to be a gym permanently, either. Though, truth be told, the beam will be in use more than it’s not, so…

Good gifts come from good parents, and you’re looking in the right direction for gymnastics equipment that will delight and inspire far beyond the holidays. Keep up the good work.