Gymnastics for Boys

When most people think of a gymnast, the first image that comes to mind is of a powerful, athletic, and graceful young woman. It’s certainly true that women’s teams get most of the gymnastics press, but men’s teams are comprised of just as much strength, agility, grace, and discipline. If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to involve your son in gymnastics, keep reading.

The first indicator that gymnastics are a good idea for your boy is his interest. If he’s expressed fascination with the skills honed by male gymnasts, he’s probably ready to try the sport out. As with any interest a child has, it’s usually a good idea to nurture the interest to see if it has legs. Gymnastics has so many benefits for young men and boys that a parent ought to be encouraged if a child shows interest in the sport.

A boy who chooses to train in gymnastics can expect a lifetime of returns. The strength associated with gymnastics training can benefit anyone who trains. There’s no protein powder or energy-infusing snack bars that will ever build muscle the way gymnastics will. Take a look at any male gymnast performing an iron cross. It takes years of training and discipline to master this move on the rings. The strength and focus required can’t be matched in any other sport. The core, upper, and lower body strength that result from gymnastics training of this kind will contribute to a fit, healthy body for a long time.

So you have a son who has trained for years in the sport and is now ready to apply to college? Many universities and colleges offer scholarships for gymnastics, which means a competitive collegiate team. And that means increased training, support, and opportunities. Because there aren’t as many men’s teams as women’s, the opportunities at the university level are fewer and more competitive. A young man with a background in competitive gymnastics will be a real catch for many universities.

Don’t hesitate to involve your son in gymnastics. You’ll watch him develop physical strength, strength of character, self-confidence, and an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle that will last for years to come. That’s quite a gift to give a young man.