Gymnastics Safety at Home

Does it totally freak you out when your son or daughter comes home from gymnastics practice and wants to show you all the things they learned…without a spotter or at least a tumbling mat to protect them? Alleviate your fear by providing some equipment at home that will encourage them to continue their practice, but in safety (and without you with your finger on the 911 button).

If you only get them one piece of practice equipment for home use, it should be the tumbling mat. No matter what they do on it, at least you know there’s some serious padding between their heads and the floor. It doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture in your home either, because good quality tumbling mats fold up and can be stored when they’re not in use. The tumbling mat is good for any level of gymnastics or tumbling. If your younger child is just learning the basics, a smaller tumbling mat will give plenty of room for them to practice; the Goldilocks mat – just right for the little guys.

Older gymnasts may want a little more room, length and width, so a larger tumbling mat will be the way to go. The construction should be heavy duty, competition-quality, and should have hook-and-loop fasteners like the smaller mats so if more length is needed, another mat can be added. These too, will fold and be easily stored or carried with attached handles should you choose to move them to the backyard for a little outdoor practice.

Tumbling mats are the most crucial piece of gymnastics and tumbling equipment you can provide to encourage the passion for the sport, and a safe venue for practicing at home. You are their biggest fan, and they want to show you what they’ve learned, so give them a safe space to do that. Maybe they’ll even rope you into trying out a few moves with them on the mats! They’re great cushioning for a lot of adult exercise, too, so don’t be afraid to hop on and join your child in a healthy, active lifestyle with some soft, protective, and durable gymnastics mats.