Is My Child Too Young for Gymnastics?

Starting children too young in certain activities can prove to be disastrous if their attention spans won’t tolerate it, if they really hate it, or if it’s too taxing on their little bodies. But gymnastics isn’t one of those activities. In fact, gymnastics might just be the best activity you could choose for your toddler or young child.

The right tumbling classes can help very young children develop physically through structured play. With childhood getting shorter and shorter, making the most of playtime is becoming even more critical to the physical and psychological development of young children. Gymnastics and tumbling offer social, physical, and psychological benefits to young kids that will stick with them their whole lives.

As the smallest kids play, their decision-making processes become more complex as they are able to judge objects around them for safety, pleasure, challenge, or danger. This development goes hand in hand with their physical development. A toddler can’t swing from a bar without developing a solid grip, nor would she want to until she’s sure it’s safe. But through play, she develops the strength in her hands and is able to judge the bar’s integrity. A tumbling class with multiple apparatus offers kids a safe environment to develop things like grip, balance, and control, as well as mental discipline, good judgment, and responsibility.

An older child is becoming more aware of this concept of self-improvement, perhaps even competition. A good tumbling or gymnastics program will help this child stay focused on his own growth and development until the time is right to begin thinking about competition. It’s not for every child, and certainly not for the little ones. But with a child who is really into competition, gymnastics can offer something to look forward to.

A tumbling class that begins with a small child and a parent can lead to an association in the child’s mind between healthful activity and happiness. That’s a valuable connection to make, and it’s never too early to introduce the idea.