Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Not that you’re one of those pushy kinds of parents, but getting your child interested in gymnastics is actually a pretty easy thing to do when they’re little, especially if you give them something fun to associate it with, like a cool, cushy tumbling mat. It’s a very natural addition to childhood because it provides a place for play, nap time, and general roughhousing. They won’t even know you have a long-term plan in mind!

Tumbling mats provide a soft, supportive, and safe space for kids to get to know their own capabilities and limitations. Has your child ever wanted to show you his somersault only to end up balancing on his head, putting incredible pressure on his neck before falling over? Put a tumbling mat under him, and the risk of injury could decrease significantly. As you play on the mat with your child, he will become used to the idea of the mat as a play space, but you can sneak in some motor control activities, stretching exercises as games, and even a few tumbling moves. Now you’ve paved the path to gymnastics.

You’ll notice in your child’s tumbling class that they use the same tumbling mats you’ve had in your home already. This should make you feel really good, knowing that professional coaches have confidence in the mats you have at home. They’re high-quality, competition-style mats that can actually connect to each other should the need for more space occur (and it will as your child grows and his routines become more complex).

Once your tumbler outgrows tumbling classes and wants to get into gymnastics, what happens to those tumbling mats you purchased? Happy to inform you that they’re still an integral part of the young gymnast’s practice. That’s what’s so great about them: they accommodate your child’s growth and skill level. And because of their high-quality manufacturing, they will last years, well into and even beyond your gymnast’s home practice.

Beginning with tumbling mats is a sure-fire way to get your child moving and interested in a sport that will help keep him strong, fit, and active for the rest of his life. What a gift!