Marisa Dick’s Got the Move

You may remember the “Fosbury Flop” from the 1968 Olympics. Dick Fosbury, experimenting with new, thicker landing crash pads, developed a unique method of clearing the high jump bar, encouraging athletes who followed him to try new techniques as well. Gymnastics has a new point-scoring move today as well, thanks to Marisa Dick.

The young gymnast from Trinidad and Tobago has perfected a beam mount involving a launch from a springboard, landing on the beam in a perfect split. She’s hopeful this move will land her a seat on the squad going to Rio. But even if it doesn’t, she’s thrilled that a point-scoring move has been named after her.

There is no end to the fun being had at the name of the move; traditionally, moves named after athletes use the athlete’s last name. So The Dick Move is actually part of gymnastics scoring record now. But for Marisa it means her name will be associated with gymnastics for generations to come. She joins other elite gymnasts such as Simone Biles and Nastia Liukin, and the significance is not lost on her.

She has her work cut out for her to earn spot on the country’s Olympics team, but it seems apparent that she has the commitment it takes to take risks, and that’s what being an elite athlete is all about. Jokes aside, we look forward to the move and to seeing Marisa’s performance in Rio.