Choosing the Best Gymnastics Equipment

If you’re newly in the market for gymnastics mats and equipment for any reason, the first thing you probably noticed is that there’s a whole bunch of stuff to choose from. Retailers rarely take it easy on you in terms of providing clear choices, so it will be helpful for you to have some kind of plan regarding what kind of gymnastics mats you’re after. Are you a parent of a gymnast who’s looking for some training equipment they can use at home? Are you opening a studio or adding new equipment to a fitness facility in order to start gymnastics practices there? Continue reading Choosing the Best Gymnastics Equipment

A Balancing Act

I don’t know if one gross motor skill is more important in the development of a young child or not, but I know that without a good sense of balance and control, many necessary skills can be difficult for children. That’s why every home with a young child should have a fun, playful, and safe balance beam. Yep – you read that right: a balance beam. Continue reading A Balancing Act

A Staple Home Gymnastics Apparatus

Has your child come home from gymnastics practice begging for a cheese mat? Do you have any idea what that even is? Perhaps you know it by its scientific name: the incline mat. Or maybe you don’t – but here’s the thing: you should become very familiar with it because it should become a staple in your home arsenal of gymnastics equipment. Continue reading A Staple Home Gymnastics Apparatus

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Not that you’re one of those pushy kinds of parents, but getting your child interested in gymnastics is actually a pretty easy thing to do when they’re little, especially if you give them something fun to associate it with, like a cool, cushy tumbling mat. It’s a very natural addition to childhood because it provides a place for play, nap time, and general roughhousing. They won’t even know you have a long-term plan in mind! Continue reading Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Choosing the Right Gymnastics Equipment for Skill Level and Growth

Purchasing gymnastics equipment shouldn’t be like buying clothes or toys for your kids, knowing that they’ll outgrow them in a year or less. The good news is that you can get top-quality gymnastics equipment that will match their skill level now and will be able to grow with them as they get bigger and as their skill levels change. Continue reading Choosing the Right Gymnastics Equipment for Skill Level and Growth

ADHD or Just a Kid?

I work in a health food grocery store and am shocked at how many parents come in looking for a “natural” pill to help their kids with ADHD. I usually just direct them to the organic produce section of the store and encourage them to begin with a healthier diet, devoid of artificial colors, processed ingredients, etc. As a teacher for many years, I’ve seen kids “diagnosed” with disorders and as I watch them in class or at play, it occurs to me that they might just be really active, which is not something that needs medication. My solution was two-fold: encourage the parents to stop sending garbage food to class with their kids, and to encourage their kids to be active. One of the healthiest activities I could recommend was gymnastics, especially when the child is allowed to continue it at home after practice at the gym. Continue reading ADHD or Just a Kid?

Gymnastics in the News

Sadly, in terms of national news, there is nothing happy to report from the gymnastics world. Many local and college teams are doing great things, but the reality is that abuse scandal is still the headline for gymnastics in most search engines. As scandals, finger-pointing, and fear seem to be taking hold in so many aspects of our culture, let’s focus on something positive right now. Continue reading Gymnastics in the News

Outdoor Tumbling

Dare we begin to think about taking the tumbling mats outside? It’s warming up in some areas of the country and kids are wanting to get out and play. Nothing beats climbing trees or a pick-up game of basketball, but when gymnastics is your thing, you might think you’re stuck indoors year-round. Good news! You can always taking your tumbling mats outside to practice! Continue reading Outdoor Tumbling

Pushing or Inviting?

In a recent interview, gold medalist Olga Korbut talked about her style, not of performance, but of coaching young gymnasts. Her background in the sport makes her undeniably qualified as an elite coach, and her more recent background in motivational speaking has helped her understand the difference between those who are motivated and those who are not, especially when it comes to gymnastics students. Continue reading Pushing or Inviting?