Getting Your Kids Excited About Gymnastics

It really isn’t difficult to encourage kids in gymnastics, because chances are, the first time they take a class and see all the potential routines, apparatus, and powerful role models, they’re going to fall in love with the sport on their own. To encourage this enthusiasm, this unconscious desire to lead an active, healthful lifestyle, you can do plenty and it won’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. Continue reading Getting Your Kids Excited About Gymnastics

UCLA Gymnast Introduces Hip-Hop to the Floor Routine

College athlete Sophina DeJesus from U.C.L.A. is trending across the web with video of her recent competition floor routine which incorporated elements of Hip-Hop dance into the mix with regular tumbling moves. Watch the video for yourself and enjoy this breath of fresh air. Congratulations to Sophina and her teammates on all the excitement!

You can also read more about Sophina from the New York Times.

Marisa Dick’s Got the Move

You may remember the “Fosbury Flop” from the 1968 Olympics. Dick Fosbury, experimenting with new, thicker landing crash pads, developed a unique method of clearing the high jump bar, encouraging athletes who followed him to try new techniques as well. Gymnastics has a new point-scoring move today as well, thanks to Marisa Dick. Continue reading Marisa Dick’s Got the Move

Gymnastics Equipment at Home

Keeping young children interested in tumbling or gymnastics isn’t difficult. It’s what they love to do anyway: roll, climb, balance, and jump. Doing it safely at home is another issue. In class, they have trained supervisors to make sure they’re safe and execute the skills properly. But at home, when they’re just playing, it’s hard to make sure they’re practicing what they’ve learned safely. But with some affordable equipment, you can actually extend their practice time at home and be confident they’re going to be safe using it. Continue reading Gymnastics Equipment at Home

Encouraging a Son in Gymnastics

Most Americans can name a famous gymnast, but 99% will likely name a female gymnast. It’s affirming that women do so well in a particular sport that they are the first athletes who come to mind when asked about it. That’s an entire article right there, but what it means for young boys interested in gymnastics is a very challenging prospect. Continue reading Encouraging a Son in Gymnastics

Shopping for a Gymnastics Program

When it comes to helping your kids make healthy lifestyle choices, steering them in the direction of gymnastics is a win-win. And frankly, you don’t have to do much steering. Kids are naturally active; the sedentary lifestyle is a learned one. They scoot, scamper, run, skip, swing, wrestle, and when the bed is especially bouncy, they fly. It’s easy to make the transition from play to organized tumbling or gymnastics. The kids are already doing it. Continue reading Shopping for a Gymnastics Program

Active Gifts

It’s tough sometimes during the end of the year to express love to our friends and family with material gifts as the season dictates. Often getting a child something from their wish list means giving them something that will end up under the bed in a week or, worse, consuming their attention by digitally entertaining their brains. But gifts that communicate your love as well as your values are always the best way to go, and in this post, you’re going to learn about a really great gift idea. Continue reading Active Gifts

Gabby the Role Model

It seems so much longer ago than only three years that Gabrielle Douglas won the hearts of every little girl who’s ever tried a cartwheel. To every youngster’s chagrin, she took some time off, graduated from high school, and then, this past week in Scotland, she returned to claim gold and the hearts of the even more young people.

What makes Gabby and second-place finisher and friend, Simone Biles, such engaging role models? There have been scores of outstanding female gymnasts and athletes who have certainly achieved greatness, even mastery in their sports. There have been charismatic, engaging young women, girls even, whom it was easy to like, but there hasn’t been anyone quite like Gabby. Young, athletically gifted, motivated, charming – the whole package.

She added to that package at World’s last week and now has a whopping 10 gold medals to her name, and the most world championship medals ever earned by a woman. At only 18 years old, Gabby is going into Rio with a resume no one can touch. Has it gone to her head? Apparently not. While that head on her shoulders is on straight, it’s not too big. She loves the sport, but isn’t all about the sport. She enjoys the games, but treats them as games, something to enjoy, not something to stress about to give up a childhood for. And that’s what makes her such an outstanding role model.

Kids hear too many sports figures and other could-be role models talking about “giving it all” and fighting to the end” and crushing their opponents. Gabby takes a different approach. Work hard and enjoy the competitions when they happen. End of story. No teen angst here. No sacrificed childhood or regimented life. That’s what’s appealing about her. She’s real. Kids can truly see her, not her public persona – because she doesn’t have one. She’s that rare breed in the public eye: kind and sincere.

Gabby has the confidence vote of every young gymnast out there as she preps for Rio. And she deserves it.