Safe Gymnastics Fun, Indoors or Out

Most young gymnasts start in the backyard. Or the living room. It’s called play. But when they become more serious about their gymnastics commitment, most of the practice and play time occurs in a gym. Extending that time to the home can be a challenge, especially regarding safety, but with the right equipment, you can provide your little tumbler or gymnast with just the right apparatus to keep their interest and skills up.

With a good tumbling mat, you’re off to a good start. Whether you put it in the grass, on the driveway, or even in the basement, you’ll know your kids are protected while they practice and play. The good thing about tumbling mats is that they can grow with your child’s needs. If you just have a little guy who likes to roll and wrestle, a single mat sized for a young child is all you might need. If your gymnast is serious about working on his skills, a larger mat should be used, but good tumbling mats will have hook and loop fasteners at their perimeter so that you can attach multiple mats together as skills develop and more space is needed. Imagine a 16′ long run that’s padded with 2″ of sturdy, supportive foam. The routines and imaginative play will be endless.

Just because the mats are long and sturdy doesn’t mean you have to have a small storage unit to contain them. Tumbling mats fold for easy transport and storage, so even the youngest user can get them out and set them up. You might even find that your gym wants to borrow them occasionally for practice!

As the summer Olympics approach (just 61 days away!), your gymnasts will be wanting to practice their own Olympic routines, and with a good set of tumbling mats, you can make sure their practice and play are safe, grounded, and endlessly fun.