The Safety Post

It’s time for the spiel about gymnastics safety again – before, during and after your child’s time on the tumbling mats. Daily, the news cycle contains stories about gymnasts who thought they were safe, in trusted hands, who became victims of abuse and coverups. Every parent’s nightmare. It’s our job as parents to make sure our kids are safe, and there are a million little things we have to keep our eyes on to ensure that safety. Continue reading The Safety Post

Tumbling Into A New School Year

Believe it or not, some communities are already gearing up for another school year, so if you like to plan ahead, add tumbling mats to your list of school supplies. Why tumbling mats? Plenty of reasons, but let’s look at a couple. “I’m bored…” Ever hear that from your kid after school or on the weekend? Yeah. Reason #1. Or how about when they get home from a school day that sees them sitting in a chair for 95% of their day. What do they need when they get home? They need some time to be active and get those wiggles out. So rather than running roughshod through the house (right about the time you’re trying to wind down), give them some tumbling mats to keep them contained, safe, and active. Continue reading Tumbling Into A New School Year

Choosing the Best Gymnastics Equipment

If you’re newly in the market for gymnastics mats and equipment for any reason, the first thing you probably noticed is that there’s a whole bunch of stuff to choose from. Retailers rarely take it easy on you in terms of providing clear choices, so it will be helpful for you to have some kind of plan regarding what kind of gymnastics mats you’re after. Are you a parent of a gymnast who’s looking for some training equipment they can use at home? Are you opening a studio or adding new equipment to a fitness facility in order to start gymnastics practices there? Continue reading Choosing the Best Gymnastics Equipment

Choosing the Right Gymnastics Equipment for Skill Level and Growth

Purchasing gymnastics equipment shouldn’t be like buying clothes or toys for your kids, knowing that they’ll outgrow them in a year or less. The good news is that you can get top-quality gymnastics equipment that will match their skill level now and will be able to grow with them as they get bigger and as their skill levels change. Continue reading Choosing the Right Gymnastics Equipment for Skill Level and Growth

Gymnastics in the News

Sadly, in terms of national news, there is nothing happy to report from the gymnastics world. Many local and college teams are doing great things, but the reality is that abuse scandal is still the headline for gymnastics in most search engines. As scandals, finger-pointing, and fear seem to be taking hold in so many aspects of our culture, let’s focus on something positive right now. Continue reading Gymnastics in the News

Boosting Gymnastics Confidence

Gymnastics has the highest percentage of 6-12 year-olds participating, more than any other sport regarding that age group. But you probably know this if you have a child in that age group. Chances are, you’ve spent some time driving to and from classes at a gym, watching your little one demonstrate their skills at home, and tensing up as images of broken bones leap to mind as your young gymnast demonstrates a backbend on the hard kitchen floor. If this is your story, there is a way to make the gymnastics life a little less harrowing. Continue reading Boosting Gymnastics Confidence

Everybody Gets Tumbling Mats!

Gymnastics can be a fantastic tool in your parenting tool kit. How so? Kids, especially in their early years, are prone to imitate their parents’ behavior (for better or worse). If you start 2017 off by bringing some tumbling mats into your house, you’re telling your child that an active lifestyle is something you value. Think of it as teaching self-care. Too often parents forego self-care in order to care for their children and others, and make no mistake, your kids are watching. And learning.  Continue reading Everybody Gets Tumbling Mats!

Gymnastics Safety at Home

Does it totally freak you out when your son or daughter comes home from gymnastics practice and wants to show you all the things they learned…without a spotter or at least a tumbling mat to protect them? Alleviate your fear by providing some equipment at home that will encourage them to continue their practice, but in safety (and without you with your finger on the 911 button). Continue reading Gymnastics Safety at Home

Tumbling Mats and Cheese Mats at Home

Buying gymnastics equipment for home use can be tricky, not only when you’re looking at traditional gymnastics equipment like tumbling mats, but also when you’re hunting for that unusual piece of equipment like a cheese mat. If you’re not even sure you know what that is, have no fear; you’ll learn. Continue reading Tumbling Mats and Cheese Mats at Home