Warm and Safe on a Tumbling Mat

It’s the kind of weather that makes things stick together that, well, shouldn’t stick together, so how are tumbling mats any kind of solution? When the kids go outside to play in these Arctic temperatures and are right back inside with icicles for eyelashes, it’s time to haul out the tumbling mat. Giving your kids a safe, comfortable, even inviting place to play indoors might not win you any national awards, but it will give you a little comfort knowing your kids are still playing actively even if they can’t be outside. Continue reading Warm and Safe on a Tumbling Mat

The Safety Post

It’s time for the spiel about gymnastics safety again – before, during and after your child’s time on the tumbling mats. Daily, the news cycle contains stories about gymnasts who thought they were safe, in trusted hands, who became victims of abuse and coverups. Every parent’s nightmare. It’s our job as parents to make sure our kids are safe, and there are a million little things we have to keep our eyes on to ensure that safety. Continue reading The Safety Post

An Activity for Life

Getting your kids interested in tumbling or gymnastics is as simple as giving them a tumbling mat to play on when they’re very young. When they begin to play on a tumbling mat, they’re becoming accustomed to the surface of the tumbling mat and how it responds to their activity. When you enroll the little guys in their first tumbling class, they’ll recognize the apparatus and know exactly what’s expected. How easy was that? Continue reading An Activity for Life

Giving the Gift of an Active Lifestyle

Being the forward-thinking parent you are, you’re considering holiday gifts for your kids already, and you’ve considered some kind of gymnastics equipment for your little gymnasts. Good for you. Giving kids a gift that promotes activity, creativity, and skill progression is probably the smartest decision you ever made. Continue reading Giving the Gift of an Active Lifestyle

Resources from the Gymnastics Studio

How do you know what kind of tumbling mat to get for your child or grandchild? Should you purchase an incline mat? Would a practice balance beam be a good idea at home? Well, yes, yes, and yes, but how do you know which ones on the market are going to be the best for your child? The best answer is to go check with the expert: your child’s gymnastics coach.  Continue reading Resources from the Gymnastics Studio

The Best Gymnastics Kit for Your Kid

Three things every young gymnast needs: a tumbling mat, a practice balance beam, and an incline mat. Of course, when formal training becomes involved, those three things might become a coach, a class, and reliable transportation, but for now, in the early stages, having some apparatus at home on which to practice can be the impetus that drives a lifetime of healthful activity. Continue reading The Best Gymnastics Kit for Your Kid

The Gift of Gymnastics

It has to be said: it’s time to start thinking about ordering gymnastics equipment for holiday gifts. If there’s a tumbler or gymnast in your life, one of the best gifts you could give is one of some gymnastics equipment they can use at home. We’re not talking huge apparatus, but things that can be used, folded, and put away so they don’t require an addition to the house.  Continue reading The Gift of Gymnastics

Protecting the Young Gymnast

Sometimes you need more than tumbling mats and crash pads to protect gymnasts. If you read the news, you know you also need a vigilant protector, a parent, guardian, grandparent, to keep your gymnast safe in a news world full of abuses. It’s a horribly painful reality, and it’s not just in the world of gymnastics, though we’re on center stage right now. We must stay active and alert in all of our children’s activities, regardless of how much trust we place in another person or institution. So once again we venture onto the soapbox to proclaim our gymnasts worthy of the utmost protection and care. Continue reading Protecting the Young Gymnast