The Forever Gift

Some say the key to keeping kids healthy is an active lifestyle, and spending time on a tumbling mat is a great way to encourage that lifestyle, whether your child is into gymnastics or not. 

Tumbling mats are the vehicle kids use for every kind of imaginative play. They’re not just for gymnastics anymore. Well, they never were exclusively for the gymnastics industry; wrestlers use them, cheer squads use them – even daycare centers use them. And maybe that’s why they’re better referred to as tumbling mats rather than gymnastics mats. No matter your activity, if a little tumbling around on the ground is going to be involved, these are your mats. Now how does that fit into parenting?

Keeping kids active on a tumbling mat prepares them for a lifetime of healthful activity, which is becoming even more important. Activity choices may well impact our health even more than food choices, according to some studies. We’ve heard for years that our sedentary lifestyle is contributing to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, not to mention loneliness and depression. A good parent knows that to help prevent this in the future, a child must learn at a very young age that an active lifestyle is not only necessary, but more fun. The lure of the couch and the screen are powerful, but with something like a tumbling mat at your disposal, you’re much more well-equipped to entice your kids into activity.

Tumbling classes are a great idea for the little ones, especially if they can come home and show off for you on their very own tumbling mat. The classes do even more than teach tumbling and gymnastics skills, though; they teach teamwork, patience, listening, cooperation, and sportsmanship. And all those things come home with the kids and follow them into adulthood.

Consider a tumbling mat for your kids as a gift that will encourage them into a healthy lifestyle they can maintain through their adult years. When they’re all grown up, you might just get a phone call that says, “Thanks for that tumbling mat – it really made a difference in my life.”