The Gift of Gymnastics

It has to be said: it’s time to start thinking about ordering gymnastics equipment for holiday gifts. If there’s a tumbler or gymnast in your life, one of the best gifts you could give is one of some gymnastics equipment they can use at home. We’re not talking huge apparatus, but things that can be used, folded, and put away so they don’t require an addition to the house. 

The most popular piece of gymnastics equipment given as a gift is the tumbling mat. From here, a tumbler or gymnast can master motor skills and introductory gymnastics skills, practice safely at home under your watchful eye, and develop confidence that will grow exponentially when combined with instructed practice. Think of it as the gift of an active lifestyle. That’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving for years.

Think of tumbling mats as the springboard to other gymnastics activities. You get the toddler rolling and playing, then he wants to do a tumbling class. In class, he learns there is more to do on the tumbling mat than just master forward rolls. Perhaps he begins to learn more complex skills in class like bridges or handsprings. Then the mats become even more important. Once he takes on the bars, he’s going to need a safety net: the tumbling mats. And when you add an incline mat and a spotter to the mix, you’ve got a back handspring practice area all your own.

I did mention that the tumbling mats and even the incline mats can be folded and put away when they’re not in use, though, truth be told, that might not be that often. But in addition to ease of storage, the tumbling mats are easily cared for, too. They’re made of heavy-duty materials and can be wiped down with a damp rag to keep them clean. No harsh chemicals are necessary, so even in cleaning the mats, you’re keeping your gymnast safe.

Get a jump on the rushed holiday delivery period and order your tumbling mats now. It might just turn out to be the best gift you ever give.