Tumbling Into A New School Year

Believe it or not, some communities are already gearing up for another school year, so if you like to plan ahead, add tumbling mats to your list of school supplies. Why tumbling mats? Plenty of reasons, but let’s look at a couple. “I’m bored…” Ever hear that from your kid after school or on the weekend? Yeah. Reason #1. Or how about when they get home from a school day that sees them sitting in a chair for 95% of their day. What do they need when they get home? They need some time to be active and get those wiggles out. So rather than running roughshod through the house (right about the time you’re trying to wind down), give them some tumbling mats to keep them contained, safe, and active.

Sure, tumbling mats¬†are the first thing you choose when your child is into tumbling or gymnastics – they help the child extend their practice time at home – but tumbling mats ought to be considered the perfect choice for simply keeping the kids safe while they explore their limits (and yours). With a couple inches of firm but forgiving padding, you’ll likely run into fewer injuries and fewer interruptions!

The tumbling mat is just about as versatile as a child’s imagination. The mat can quickly become a pirate ship, exploring for hidden treasure, a home base for a game of hide-and-seek, or (pleasepleaseplease) a comfy spot for a short nap. Tumbling mats fold, so they can even become tents, forts, castles, or secret hide-outs for the 007-wannabe. In any case, the mats can become just about anything to any child, providing them with hours of safe, imaginative play.

Now if you happen to have a child who takes gymnastics or tumbling lessons, the tumbling mat choice is an obvious one. Little tumblers love to show off what they’ve learned, and being the great parent you are, you’ll encourage practice at home now that you have a soft, supportive tumbling mat for them to do that. Heaven forbid they try that bridge on the kitchen tile. Ouch! But with your careful attention and spotting, trying it over and over on the tumbling mat will move them closer to mastery between classes. If your gymnast is older and into more advanced practice, the tumbling mat is your way of saying, “You’ve made a great choice – here’s something to help you keep it up!” Kids need that kind of encouragement and support throughout life, and you will be sure they have it when you’ve given them a tumbling mat.

Tumbling mats and parents: both provide support, a little cushioning from life’s blows, and a comfortable place to land.