Tumbling Mats and Cheese Mats at Home

Buying gymnastics equipment for home use can be tricky, not only when you’re looking at traditional gymnastics equipment like tumbling mats, but also when you’re hunting for that unusual piece of equipment like a cheese mat. If you’re not even sure you know what that is, have no fear; you’ll learn.

Gymnastics mats are relatively easy to purchase for home use, so make sure you’re getting what you need before investing. If your tumbler is just working on forward rolls and playing around on the mat, a smaller gymnastics mat might be enough. But give thought to the future and consider buying a gymnastics mat to which another can be connected. A single mat becomes the first step to a growing gymnastics practice in your own home! Lest you think your living room is going to become a permanent gym, be assured that the best gymnastics mats, regardless of size, fold for easy storage. Stick them in a corner, slide them under a bed, and pull them out when you need them.

Now the cheese mat thing: it’s not really made of cheese…surprise! It’s wedge-shaped and goes well with crackers, so they call it a cheese mat. It often goes by a much more boring name, the incline mat. See? Isn’t cheese mat more fun? Anyway, the firm core in a wedge mat allows gymnasts to practice back walkovers and bridges with some extra safety beneath them. Little guys like rolling down them in somersaults and racing toy cars down them. They can also be conveniently used to reach the cookie jar. But you didn’t hear that from me. Depending on the size cheese mat you need, they may be solid or able to be folded. They can also come with handles which makes it easy to haul it outside for summertime practice.┬áNext time you’re serving guests at your home, bring out the cheese mat with the charcuterie and see what happens!

You have plenty of options when it comes to tumbling mats and specialty pieces like cheese mats. You won’t have trouble finding them, but make sure they’re the right size, can hold the weight you need them to hold, and can grow with your child and his or her practice.