Tumbling Mats: The Better Bandage

Falling during practice of just about anything will hurt less if it’s done on tumbling mats. I just watched a video of a toddler on a rocking horse manage to rock it completely backwards. My very audible gasp as his head was introduced to a tile floor identified me as a parent of a former toddler, but as a blogger about gymnastics and the safety precautions we take in this sport, it got me to thinking about how many other places would benefit from the use of tumbling mats.

Tumbling mats in the playroom? Yes, please. Daycare? Great idea! Boys and Girls’ clubs? I could go on all day. Wherever there are active, imaginative, and indefatigable children, the need for protective surfaces will always exist. It’s just the way kids are made. Obviously gymnastics practice is the primary function of tumbling mats, but that’s just at a studio or gym. What about at home when the future elite athlete (now age 4) wants to show you her routine and only too late do you realize it involves a dismount from the kitchen counter? Hello, ER doctor.

Encouraging the kids to lead active lifestyles is pretty easy, but protecting them through it can be a challenge if you don’t have the right resources, like thick, shock-absorbing tumbling mats. If you have the choice to spend the money on an electronic entertainment device or a tumbling mat, you can be assured the tumbling mat will not be obsolete in six months. With tumbling mats, imagination and determination soar (sometimes the little bodies do, too), and a healthy lifestyle is encouraged. It’s inevitable that they’ll find their way to screen time eventually, but while you can direct their activities, do it in a way that will give them the desire to keep up the active lifestyle years down the road.

Tumbling mats prevent slips and falls from becoming tragedies, but they also bind up the wounds of the sedentary lifestyle. Add tumbling mats to your First-Aid kit.