Tumbling Mats, Tumbling Mats, Tumbling All the Way

‘Tis the season, and what better gift to give your favorite young gymnast than his very own tumbling mat for practice at home. Once the wrapping is off, the fun begins. And fortunately, a tumbling mat isn’t one of those gifts that’s going to end up on the floor of the closet in a week. This is a gift that will be a constant source of challenge, imaginative play, and years down the road, a place to master skills.

No matter what level your tumbler or gymnast is at, tumbling mats┬áprovide a safe place to practice what they learn in the classes and gyms. How many times have you heard, “Watch this!” and wondered if it was going to be followed by a trip to the ER? Peace on earth, man…no more worrying. The mats have your back. And your kid’s.

It’s pretty much a sure thing that tumbling mats will become part of your home decor (hope that’s not a problem), but they can be folded and stored out of sight, unlike the hockey bag in the corner full of things that can’t be washed because it’s bad luck to wash them. Wipe down the tumbling mat and we’re all good. Does your child go through two pairs of cleats per season because she’s growing so fast? Not a problem for tumbling mats – no matter how fast you grow, the mats can grow with you. A single mat can be enough for years, but if you have the room and the inclination, mats can be connected together for more length and width.

Encouragement is a gift kids need year ’round, so wrap some up in a tumbling mat and be ready to nurture the love of a timeless sport that keeps the kids off the electronics and couches, and learning through movement every day of the year.