Warm and Safe on a Tumbling Mat

It’s the kind of weather that makes things stick together that, well, shouldn’t stick together, so how are tumbling mats any kind of solution? When the kids go outside to play in these Arctic temperatures and are right back inside with icicles for eyelashes, it’s time to haul out the tumbling mat. Giving your kids a safe, comfortable, even inviting place to play indoors might not win you any national awards, but it will give you a little comfort knowing your kids are still playing actively even if they can’t be outside.

Of course tumbling mats were designed primarily for kids learning gymnastics and needing a soft, padded place from which to recover when they lose their footing. You’ll find them, both tumbling mats and kids, in every gymnastics studio across the country. The tumbling mat is the foundation for the little ones’ first tumbling class, because learning the forward roll on a concrete floor is the surest way to make sure your kids are never interested in gymnastics. And we wouldn’t want that, would we?! So a good instructor and a good gymnastics studio will always be ready for the challenge of working with kids, namely, having thick, supportive tumbling mats in great condition. Which is your cue to say, “Hmm, maybe we should have these at home?”

Even if your children aren’t taking tumbling or gymnastics classes, having some tumbling mats at home does a couple of things for every parent. First, they provide that safe, padded surface on which kids can do every imaginable activity, from wrestling and roughhousing to playing with toys, even napping. Secondly, they offer a space for kids in tumbling classes to practice what they learned at the gym. The first thing they do when they get home from practice is repeat what they’ve just been taught (good job, kiddos!), and the best and safest place to do that is on a surface like the one they practiced on at the gym. When you provide them with a tumbling mat, you score points on the Totally Cool Parent scale, and you know you’ve done a great thing to keep your kids going in that healthy, active lifestyle they’ll come to appreciate as adults.

Don’t let the cold weather get you down, just unfold a tumbling mat¬†or two and enjoy the sounds of childhood playing safely indoors until the outdoor temperatures rise again.